Go With The Flow? I Guess.


Oh, hey there. It's Brooks Huntley! Remember? I used to blog all of the time. Not sure how or why that stopped. Life gets weird sometimes, right? Or maybe life can't get weird, because it always is; it only ever becomes different shades of weird. Yeah. I like that idea. It's all inherently strange, just colored in different strange ways over time.

With that said, it's a rainy Sunday afternoon here in Nashville, and I've spent the majority of it looking at the rain, the passing cars, and the pedestrians struggling not to get soaked while re-reading pages of books over and over again because after turning a page only to realize I didn't internalize anything I just read. Ever do that? Maybe you're doing it right now.

Anyway, I'm pretty stuck on an idea, and I thought I'd write about it since there isn't much else to do today. Going with the flow. For as long as I can remember, I've been what I'd call "an understander" - somebody who has to understand things. If I can't put something into words, then it isn't real, at least not yet. That's why I write songs. Songs are an easy way to make words mean more. You ever look at song lyrics on a piece of paper and think, "Really? This is it? This is all they had to say?", and then listen to it in the context of music and the depth of it all completely floors you? Music is a sort of PED for words.

As a recovering 'understander', I'm not going to try to bore you with the details of why I've come to believe this, because I don't think this is the sort of thing that someone can be convinced of without wanting to be, but I believe all of our lives, all of our stories have been written. Call it fate, the universe, or whatever you like - I like to call it God, but I believe what is supposed to be always is, and what's not supposed to be always isn't.

Why is this country singer trying to talk to me about free will?

Excellent question. I don't know why, but let's go there! You ever play Grand Theft Auto? I think life is simultaneously life that video game and like a flowing river. GTA is a big game, especially the newer ones. There's a seemingly infinite amount of things to do in it. The combinations of actions, character design, chosen storylines, etc are effectively for you and I unlimited. We could play for years and still never do all of the things the game has to offer. However, there is a limit. Only so much coding went into creating the game. You can't do anything that wasn't coded. There's nothing new under the sun.

So everything you can possibly do is pre-determined in that it was thought of beforehand and coded. But that doesn't really matter all that much for you, because you have the illusion of infinite possibilities. If it's impossible for you to do it all, then for you, it is unlimited. Though not actually unlimited, it may as well be.

Life is also like a river. River currents move one direction always. And we're all in a river. All rivers eventually feed into the ocean; that's where all of us are headed, whether we want to or not. I believe happy people accept this. They accept who they are, that some things they want aren't for them, that some things they don't want are necessary, that love comes and goes - they accept their river current for what it is. They do not attempt to swim upstream. People that try to swim upstream may delay their inevitable plunge into the ocean, but the price they pay is that they're exhausted and miss all the scenery while they're struggling. That's not exactly a happy life.

There really isn't much purpose in me writing this blog other than, if you who happen to be reading this and feel like you have a death grip on your fate would be encouraged to treat life like a leisurely float, not a constant struggle. I know it isn't always that simple when you're in the thick of it, but when you zoom out, it remains true; we don't have all that much control, and that's okay. We have the illusion of control, which is fun. Enjoy it! But don't take it too seriously. Ask that girl out at the coffee shop. She'll say yes if she's supposed to. Quit your job and travel somewhere, adopt that dog - whatever it is, the stakes are lower than they feel.

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